Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never Ending

Today started out incredible - I went to my training and I was down THREE pounds from last week. I went to work and one of my co-workers said, "Have you lost weight?" By the way - those are always the right words to say to a woman - unless she has gained a bunch of weight.

Anyway, I was feeling happy and gleeful.

Until I read my email - several issues have arisen today which just may impact my vacation. There are some signficant changes and issues which will cause me to have A LOT OF WORK THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY. So, I may not get to fully enjoy my vacation. Ugh...

Then - we found out during our parent teacher conference that Bubba got another citation (one more in the next 3 months and he is suspended... OMG...) Apparently he was making inappropriate gestures with his shadow (he held his finger between his legs so it looked like his penis was sticking out...) Ok, whatever. But, I guess a few 8 year old girls were offended and asked him to stop and he didn't...

Bad choice... It was rude, crude and socially unacceptable... But, come on? Seriously? He had to go to the principal because of a shadow? Now - hitting a kid - I TOTALLY get the trip to the principal. Making a crude shadow? That seems rude - but pretty normal 8 year old boy behavior... Doesn't it? Am I just too lax about this? Are they maybe watching him a little too closely waiting for him to screw up again?

I think there might be two parenting extremes here - one that jumps all over their kid and punishes the crap out of them (I think I tend to lean this way).. And then the parent that jumps all over the school administration making excuses for their kids... I'm not planning on talking to anyone about this - but this one? I'm not so concerned... We talked to him - he felt bad... We talked about doing things that make him feel good about his actions and that would make me and his dad proud and that making penis shadows wasn't really an action that we were really proud of.. But, we didn't add on to his punishment... But, is he too curious?

This parenting stuff is HARD... I have no idea if this is totally screwed up behavior or not...

On the other hand - we met with Prissy's teacher and she said she loved Prissy and wanted a classroom full of her. The only concern was that she was a bit of a perfectionist... And to watch it so she didn't get so stressed out.

I swear to Gawd that I'm Marge Simpson - Bubba is Bart and Prissy is Lisa... Maybe I'll change their names on this blog... :D

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Anonymous said...

If the boy is bart, and prissy is lisa....Doesn't that mean you need to have 1 more child?

The only question I have - will it be twins ?