Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy Early

I have to get up crazy early tomorrow morning (it's my physical training day), so this is going to be short.

- Work shouldn't be busy right now - but it is. And it's irritating.
- The babysitter is working out great.
- I'm tired and could really use a break.
- I hate exercising.
- I know I NEED to exercise.
- But I hate it.
- Even though I feel great afterward.
- I still hate it.
- I exercised tonight.
- Because I'm so tired of being overweight.
- And because I want my cute little figure back.
- The food part hasn't been nearly as hard this time.
- I have no idea why - it's been 5 weeks and so far so good.
- But exercising sucks.
- I'd rather practice my guitar.
- and play bejeweled blitz on facebook.
- and drink wine.
- Unfortunately, all this exercise and good eating are not translating to Many Pounds off.
- But, I have gone down 3 belt holes.
- And my sweaters fit again. (you know it's bad if the sweaters are too small.)
- I'm not dreading my training class tomorrow.
- But, I am dreading work.
- So many tedious things that I need to do.
- and no fun things in my near future.

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