Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I should metion here - I hate Tuesdays. Most people hate Mondays. Me? No, I hate Tuesdays. Monday's are actually ok. I get to work from home. Coffee pot is just steps away. It's quiet. I can listen to my music without headphones. Nice.

Tuesdays - suck... They always suck. I get into the office and things are always busy - I can never actually get anything done. I also have to sneak out at 3pm so I can get Prissy to baton by 4 because she helps the coach teach the little girls.

Then, we don't get home until about 8pm. I do not like...

I overslept this morning. My alarm got into a funky mode and was set to go off on Sat/Sun... That's not helpful with it being TUESDAY and all. I was 35 mins late for my training session this morning. YES - SUCKITUDE!

But, I did get to have coffee with a friend who always makes me laugh - so there is that...

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