Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back At It

Tomorrow - I head back to work. But, I get to work from home. Last week was so busy that I have been avoiding my work laptop all weekend.

Yesterday, we had our final weigh-in for my body-fit challenge at the gym. I only lost 10 pounds (over 8 weeks - it's a healthy loss of 1-2 pounds a week - INCLUDING Thanksgiving.) One of the guys in my class lost 26 - which is very impressive. However, he was much bigger than me and it ends up I had a higher percentage weight-loss than he did. SO I ENDED UP having the biggest weight-loss from my class. I don't know if I won the whole thing or not yet. And I'm not even sure if there is anything TO win. But - woohoo!

Speaking of weight-loss - hubby is making brownies right now and they smell wonderful.

We got our outside lights up yesterday and our inside decorated today. Yay!

Christmas shopping has begun. I don't know what I did before Amazon - I pay for my Prime membership during Christmas. I did find out that the gift I got my mom from Macy's was delivered. Only not to me. And to someone in Florida (I live in California) - who signed for it. I think someone got a nice Christmas gift from me and it wasn't my mom. ARGH! Macy's has been strenously avoiding me. I'll give them until tomorrow to reply.

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