Monday, August 3, 2009

Happiness Is...

Happiness Is... new car (Duuuuuudes.... it's seriously seriously delicious.) iPhone (I've had this little gadget for almost 2 years now - and it still amazes me every day. Hubby and I just put together a shared calendar at google - and it syncs to and from our iPhones. I had to add a doctor's appointment for Prissy (which I did on my phone while at the doctors office) - and added it on my iPhone, the google calendar website and on hubby's phone. Seriously slick.

...An ice cold glass of chardonnay... son's cuddles... (just because my car and my iphone are before my son and daughter do NOT mean I love them less than my car and iPhone... :)) daughter being able to stay at home by herself while we go to Taekwondo (nice, because otherwise, she and her brother would be fighting like cats and dogs while hubby and I were in class.) It's even nicer when we come home and she's all showered and ready for bed. crazy-ass cat carrying around her favorite stuffed toy (a whale) and dropping it at my feet and then meowing like crazy. She brought me a gift... She wanted to share her favorite toy with me. awww..... bed that is awaiting upstairs. It's all soft and comfy.. I love my bed... (hate the alarm clock that sits next to it though. :P)

...feeling like "not a total and complete failure at work." Right now - I'm working on a HUGE HUGE HUGE project... If I screw this up - everyone will know about it and blame me for LOTS of things for the next 18 months. I do not currently feel like a screw up and I sorta kinda know what I'm doing. This is the first time I've felt like this in quite a few years. Which means I'll probably screw this up... *LAUGH*

...testing for first degree taekwondo black belt midterms on Thursday - this is the first step of many on the road to my second degree. I know the stuff and I'm excited to get going. More than that though - we have a good friend that is testing for their black belt on Thursday and we get to cheer him on. I know he'll do great!

...popcorn with real butter...

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