Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Update

Oh man -

It hasn't even been that long and I'm already posting again. That's Right! Uh huh!

What is new here? I've been totally stressed out... I can't tell you why exactly... Just stressed... about something... I think it's the fact that we're "in between" things right now... Soccer doesn't start for another week. Winter softball doesn't start for awhile... Baton, I thought that we had 2 weeks off - but, it's probably closer to 1.5 weeks off. We still have taekwondo (and testing next week - YOWSA!) - but I think I'm stressed out because there isn't a heck of a lot going on and I'm feeling all discombobulated about it.. :D

Work is really busy right now... I have my BIG PROJECT OF THE YEAR due quite soon... The one project that really matters in my newish role... 'Nuff said... However, I did teach a class today - and I did "not-bad." So, that is encouraging... It's all sort of hectic though.

Ok - I'm looking for a new car... Yes, I'm trading my bad-ass minivan in... I love her - but she's almost at 100K miles and starting to show her age. I love her.. She's been an awesome awesome mini-van... She has just done great through years of my commute... But, she's starting to show signs of age. I think that I spend more on fixing her each month than I would on a new car payment.... So, I think it's time... And I think this is the root of my stress... I drive 45 minutes to work each day - all city driving - so I decided to invest in a hybrid. But, I don't want a sedan or any low driving car. I have it narrowed down to two: the toyota highlander hybrid and the Lexus RX450h... The Lexus is EXPENSIVE! And highly in demand - so little negotiation room... but, holy crap is it nice... The Highlander is just about perfect... But, it doesn't have "cooling" seats... *lol*

My awesome interest rate loan expires on Wednesday - so I need to make a decision quickly. Just adds stress...

But, it's a good stress.. :D

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