Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ummm... I'm guessing there isn't anyone here...

Wow -

It has certainly been a long time since I've posted here. I guess I just got totally burned out. Also - Facebook has sort of become my latest addiction. It's like a blog - but in just a sentence... And there are games - with competition. I totally dig it. :) If any one wants to friend me on facebook - just email me and I'll tell you my log in name.

So - I guess I should update how things are going... They are going well. Very well... I'm pretty happy in my job... Well, I like my boss (he is really the boss I would choose to work for)... I feel valued - which I find to be the most important aspect of my career... I did not feel valued at my other company and got the heck out of there. I get crazy busy, then things get terribly slow - they crazy busy... My current work - it's rather dull, even in the busy times. But, it's important... I'm still finding my way and my place in my group... It's important, and needs to be done... However, I'm not sure I can do it for the rest of my life. (and I do miss managing people.)

The kids are awesome! Bubba is back in Taekwondo by his choice. We started something called combat sparring - which is sparring (fighting) with a stick... To an 8 year old boy it's a heck of a lot like a StarWars light saber. So, he has come back and really likes it. It's fun to be a black belt. Hubby and I are also enjoying being black belts - but we are also finding it hard to make it to classes.

Prissy and I went on a week long trip to Tucson, AZ last week. Yes - the desert in July is a great place to be! Prissy competed in the United States Twirling Association National Twirling Competition. This has been a rather tough year for her - her first coach (who she absolutely idolized) "retired" from coaching and Prissy got a new coach. Now - the new coach is one of world's best coaches (seriously) and coaches the US Twirling Team that competes at the World Competition. But, being 10, it was a tough transition. I think in the past month or 2 Prissy and her new coach finally gelled...

Anyway, we were very excited for the National Competition. We were to leave last Tuesday, and Monday - Prissy had a fever of 102. I took her to the doctor who quickly diagnosed her with a cold and told us good luck... :) We decided to go ahead and make the trip - deciding if she felt horrible on Wednesday (her first competition day) that we would just skip it. She felt better and competed.

All in all, Prissy placed 4th in both National Strut and Solo. And got a first place trophy for Intermediate Solo. She did so well and I'm so proud of her. She just worked so hard in the last few weeks before Nationals. It was something that really impressed me.

I got to meet a lot of other baton parents, which was nice and also very interesting. I learned that some parents push their kids so hard that it burns them out. At 9 and 10 years old. I saw one mother screaming at her daughter after she didn't perform very well (which happens - dude, there are a lot of people and judges and hands get sweaty!) Anyway, this mother screamed at her daughter for all to hear, "I can't believe you performed so poorly! I'm not paying all of this money for you to be mediocre! If you want to be mediocre we'll get you shitty coaches! You have the world's best coaches! And I pay for it! I expect you to be a champion!!!" Ooooook...

So - it was a learning experience.

The best part though? Prissy and I got to spend a week together, just us. And I totally and completely enjoyed it. She's such a cool kid.. We laughed until we cried - we were constantly cracking each other up. She's just really neat and smart and funny and interesting... So - even if she had placed last in everything - the trip (and the money) would have been worth it - because I had a great time with my not-so-little-anymore girl.

I think those other "baton moms" are missing something so much more important.

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