Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raining Again

It's raining again. It's supposed to rain for the next several days. I'm having a very stressful work/life balance week.

Monday: I have to get my allergy shots sometime in the morning. Then, the kids have a minimum day (they get out at 12:20) and then Prissy has an appointment with her allergist (different than my allergist - damn insurance.) Then, we have to go to baton (but at least that's after work.)

Tuesday: Yay - I should actually be able to work all day. Bubba has baseball at 4:30 which hubby is taking him to. But, I'm sure it will be raining.

Wednesday: I'm already so stressed out about Wednesday it's keeping me up at night. I have to pick up my son and the boy across the street at 1:20. I'm attending a big-wig meeting from 11 to 12:30. It takes me about 45 - 50 mins to get home. If the meeting doesn't run over, I should be able to make it - BARELY! I'm the one "running" the meeting - projecting the presentations - etc. So, it's sort of important that I'm there. I'm totally freaked out. Totally.freaked.out... I'm sure it will be just fine. But, holy shit... Then, at 2:30 - I have to take Jade to the eye doctor. She doesn't get out until 2:20. While the place is close, it's not THAT close. She usually doesn't get home until 2:30. I'm writing her a note so she can leave 10 minutes early. YIKES!

Thursday: This day should be ok. I hope. I think. Maybe I should check the calendar.

Friday: Prissy has an award luncheon at 11:45. I'm thinking I'll just work from home. Otherwise, I'd have to drive in, only to leave at 10:45am. Doesn't make any sense. But, we'll see.

So - you see the fun of work/life balance? I thought it would be easier as the kids got older - but it's gotten nothing but more difficult.

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Momisodes said...

Yikes! That is quite a crazy schedule. I'd probably be losing sleep over Wednesday as well.

Hope ALL goes smoothly this week, despite any rain.