Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Time Flies

Things are slow at work = longest day EVAH! But, online Christmas shopping is complete and facebook statuses are hilarious.

Things are slow at work but there are fun people to work with = day goes by and happy

Things are busy at work = day goes by quickly

Things are busy at work and there are fun people to work with = IDEAL WORK CONDITIONS! The day goes by quickly and things are joyous.

Things are UBER busy = Feels like each day is 3 because of so much work needing to be done that goes well into the night. The work required to be accomplished in one week should be spread out over multiple weeks. So, time goes by slowly - because each day feels like three.

Things are UBER busy and there are fun people to work with = DISMAL WORK CONDITIONS! You have so much work to do you don' t have time to pee. You know there are fun people to talk to, but you don't have time to even get coffee with them. They start to forget your name and classify you in the cube-monkey category. Finally they just move out and you are left with the other overloaded UBER busy cube-monkeys... You realize that no one even speaks English anymore. The guy across the hall speaks in firmware, the guy next to you speaks in bios, the guy down the hall grunts RTL, and me? ME? I speak in excel... I actually said today, "Yes, let me pivot that for you."

Guess which category my work has fallen in the past few weeks.

In the words of our VP - we have to get all of this done before he turns into a pumpkin in two weeks. (wha???)

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jen said...

OMG! I said the exact same thing to my boss the other day. He was asking me re: a bunch of data and i actually said "you want me to pivot that for you?". what a coincidence!