Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Week in Pictures

I haven't done a week in pictures in a while. I'm waiting on the mini-cupcakes to cool so I can frost them so Bubba can take them to school tomorrow for his birthday. Yay to 7th birthdays!!!

Anyway, here is Bubba and I chillin' with Oreo.

backyard_etc 001

Here is a picture of Prissy after she won the Patsy Hamiliton Juvenile Solo (OMG! Could you just die because her costume is so pretty?)

backyard_etc 010

Last night, I found the cats, sitting close to each other. Just sitting. Not hissing. Not fighting. Sitting. I was so shocked I took a picture:

backyard_etc 012

Here are the shots of the pool (day 0 - day 3) We didn't get home until after dark tonight, so I won't have pictures of today's progress until tomorrow:

lunar_eclipse 028

backyard 001

backyard 007

backyard_etc 014

It's pretty much just a mud pit right now. They will start the plumbing tomorrow.

Off to frost some mini-cupcakes

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Creatively Observant said...

OMG, my 5 and three-quarters old daughter is also in gymnastics! Maybe they'll be on the USA Olympic team together someday!