Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is That So?

My mom visited last week, and we were in the car and she was telling me a story about a boy I used to babysit. It went sort of like this:

Baba (what my kids call my mom): So, Boy-I-Used-To-Babysit was a staffer for such and such politician.
Me: Wow.
Baba: But he left there and became a staffer for Mike Huckabee....
Me: Interesting...
Baba: So, I really think he's going to... *pause looking for right word*
Bubba (7 year old son): Jail?
*we all crack up to tears*
Baba: Ummmm, I was going to say, "work at the white house at some point."

Oh, the wise wise 7 year old brain...

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