Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bart and Lisa

Tomorrow my vacation starts - I'm hoping that I can keep up with Blog 365 - but I'm feeling rather confident that I can.

I just got a new business idea today. I'm starting to feel the creative juices coming on back.

I had a parent teacher conference with my daughter's homeroom and math teacher today. She said many nice things about Prissy. I have my parent-teacher conference with Bubba's teacher on Thursday - she doesn't usually say anything nice about Bubba. I was explaining this to a friend today and he said, "You're raising Bart and Lisa Simpson." OMG! He's right. I am raising Bart and Lisa. Maybe I should totally change their names in this blog. I have watched a LOT of simpsons in my life. Shoot - Bubba even sort of looks like Bart:

backyard_birthday 012

I'm just glad that Prissy doesn't have pointy hair.

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