Monday, April 14, 2008

Over Confidence

I'd like to send this to my New Italian Boss (NIB), but I don't actually have the balls to do it. (or my confidence is at the appropriate level?) NIB scheduled a meeting today with me at 4am in the morning. I dutifully set my fucking alarm clock for 3:50am, it went off and I rolled out of bed and came downstairs to see if he sent me the audio bridge that I had requested. He had not. There was a message from him saying that he couldn't meet with me sent about 2am and rescheduled it for 4am next Monday. GRRRR.....
He then scheduled a meeting on both Wednesday and Thursday from 1am to 3am. Ummmm - NO. NO! FUCKING NO WAY!!!! The biggest issue I have with this is that I still have to work from 8am to 5pm at my US job, then I log in when I get home at night to deal with any issues I've got from Asia (because that is their work day.)
This global thing is totally stupid. Stupid I tell you. I think NIB is being a bit overconfident if he thinks he can just demand that I literally work 24x7. That is just not going to happen. ARGH!
PS - My other stuff updates.
I'm testing for my brown belt tomorrow. Yay! Go Me! I broke TWO boards today (my arm is totally bruised - but it sort of makes me feel like a tough bitch. I was totally thinking of NIB's face when I smashed those two boards.)
I went back to the sports medicine doctor and she basically said my knee is totally fucked up. She was showing me the MRI and yes, there is a minor tear in the medial meniscus - but that is the least of my problems. The underside of my knee cap is totally ripped up. This is due to my biologically messed up knees and previous knee surgeries. The cartilege is completely rough. These two things are actually causing strain on the tendons - which in turn is causing pain. And they do not know if surgery will fix the pain issue - because the pain is a side effect of the other things, and those things can't really be "repaired" just removed which may not make the tendon strain go away. So, more physical therapy for me - at least for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Bleh... It's so time consuming.

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