Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kidnapping at the Birthday Party

Today, we got to sleep in a bit. Went and picked up the cupcake cake. It was in the shape of a pool. (pictures soon, I promise.) The party was a huge success (except for the kidnapping.) We had just the right number of kids. The weather was beautiful (if not a little hot). The kids had a good time. I have great video and pictures which will maybe be posted sometime if I'm not so freaking lazy.

One parent decided to drop their kid off (not terribly cool with a party of 18 kids in a place that is super crowded and the kids being 6 and 7 years old.) Anyway, one of the other parents kept an eye on the little abandoned girl (LAG) (I was having a hard time just getting the kids corralled to eat pizza, then singing for the cake, then down to get their golf clubs and to the course, then to the arcade. The abandoning parent said he'd come back two hours after the party started. We were running a bit early and the parent that was helping left after an hour and a half so I started watching the LAG for the 30 extra minutes while Bubba and Prissy were playing arcade games. She was with us and Bubba won some tickets and we were all standing at the "prize counter" so Bubba could get his prize. One of the other parents came up and said thank you and happy birfday to Bubba and blah blah blah... I turned around and this little girl was gone. GONE. She was no where. No.Where... I started running around the place. I got other people to start looking for her. Hubby was looking, I was looking, Baba, Prissy and Bubba were looking. We looked upstairs, outside, in the parking lot, in the bathrooms - she wasn't anywhere. I was two seconds from calling the police. Absolute panic - I swear to gawd I thought I was going to throw up. I saw one of the other parents and asked if they had seen this little girl and the dad said he had seen her sister. Oh shit. I called my friend that was watching the little girl for most of the party and asked her if she knew the dad's cell phone number. She did not, but she said she saw him walking in as they were walking out.

So, the dad picked up the girl, and didn't say goodbye, didn't say that he had her, didn't say thank you - nothing, nada, zilch. I thought the girl was kidnapped because I turned away for literally 10 seconds. It actually pissed me off much much more than anything has pissed me off in a long long time. *sigh* He was the only one that dropped off - he shouldn't have dropped off (his daughter was really good at the party - but she's usually completely and totally out of control.)

Anyway - the party was a success except for the kidnapping.

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