Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Blues?

Oh -

I so hate Monday's. And today wasn't even a bad Monday. But, seriously - they suck don't they?

I slept terribly last night. I kept waking up. Panicking about things I didn't get done over the weekend. Stressed out about whatever happened to be crossing my mind. It's a big week for us. My mom is coming to visit (which isn't stressful - it's actually really exciting) but the kids get out at noon all week with no after school care, hubby is traveling, I've got parent teacher conferences, we have lots of baseball and softball games and practices, haircuts, taekwondo, baton competition this weekend and then Bubba's birthday party to finish off our Sunday. I have to get baton registration forms in for states, regionals and nationals, and my house is a total disaster (which I do want to clean before Baba (my mom) comes.) Topping off the list is that my backyard is a mudpit and right now a complete disaster. I haven't even mentioned work - which is about two levels beyond stressful in its own right. I'm so looking forward to my vacation this week.

Speaking (ranting?) about the pool, they put in electricity today - which is exciting - but we got home too late for pictures. It's not much to photograph anyway. Just a big grey cable.

I started my day with physical therapy. They have started two new things. One is something called McConnell taping - they basically tape my kneecap so it's sitting correctly on my leg. When they put the tape on - it almost instantly relieves me of all pain. I can do all sorts of exercises. This is a wonderful thing and it makes me happy. The second thing is a cortisone ion something or other. It's a topical cortisone treatment that is hooked to some weird contraption and it basically puts some sort of charge on the electrodes on my knee to pull in the cortisone. It's a little painful (feels like pins and needles that mean business) and hasn't been at all helpful so far. I have to do this now 3 times a week. Ugh. I'm sort of getting tired of PT. I'm ready for my knee to be better.

I suppose that's all the updates for me tonight. The kids are finally quiet upstairs, I'm finishing up my glass of wine, and I'm thinking I'll head upstairs and read my book (I'm reading "The Girls" by Lori Lansens about conjoined twins. Awesome awesome book. And I'm also reading "Certain Girls" by Jennifer Weiner. I love Jennifer Weiner - this book is one of her best.) If you have any other books with the word Girls in the title - please feel free to pass that along.

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