Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Depressing Day

I went to a funeral today of a really amazing man. It was extremely sad. The death was completely unexpected. I saw a lot of people at the funeral that I didn't want to see. What was the most irritating was that people didn't turn their cell phones off at the funeral. At least 4 cell phones rang during the memorial service.

Why can't people put their phones on vibrate? And after the first one went off, why didn't others think about it and turn their phones off then. I can't tell you how incredibly tasteless it was that during someone eulogizing this really special man - Cunty McCunterson's* phone starts playing Copacabana at full blast. And then silenced and then goes off again a minute later.

Damn I hate people. The only thing that made it a little bit better was seeing the Super-Whore-Ex-Friend-Who-Completely-Fucked-Me-Over with a gigantic fat ass. She was always stick thin and so proud of herself for being so thin. So, sometimes bad deeds come back in the form of what you are. (A gigantic ass in her case.)

* Name completely stolen from Suzanne over at Cuss - it's just totally appropriate for this post.

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