Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Birthday Boy

My baby turns seven today. SEVEN!!! That seems really old. When they are six, they are still little. They are in between the toddler and kid. But, seven is a full fledged kid. I can't believe that I have two kids. Am I really old enough to have my youngest child be seven? Yikes!

So, I will show you a few more pictures. Bubba has his birthday party a week from Sunday. We are having it at a local mini-golf place. There will be pizza and sodas and mini-golf with a bunch of other 7 year olds. I honestly don't know what I was thinking - handing all of those KIDS golf clubs after I fill them with pizza, soda and birthday cake? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Hopefully no one will need stitches.

My son makes me laugh like no one else. But, he is the type of kid that I can't let see that I'm laughing because he is probably being onery and I just don't want to encourage him. :D He is such a sweet and cuddly and generous soul. He likes to make gifts and write love notes for his girlfriend of the day (usually he makes them some sort of jewelry.) He is always bargaining and always trying to get a better deal. He is also the most strong willed child I have ever met. When he thinks he is right - there just is no convincing him. He is the epitomy of an Aries. He is also gorgeous with his very-blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and beautiful dimpled smile. (Although, I'm really looking forward to his teeth being completely grown in.) I love him with my whole heart.

Here are some pictures from tonight, we went to Chili's at his request and then we came home and he opened presents. He's been spiking his hair up for the last couple of weeks - totally on his own - he's asking me for gel and hairspray now. Sure, Mr. Casanova.

backyard_birthday 017

backyard_birthday 019

Just because I can, here are some pool updates. One of our windows got broken from a flying rock. The owner called me at 6am this morning and said that he would pay for the repair - VERY DECENT! I didn't even know it was broken at that point - but it is very broken. The pictures are from back to front this time. Starting at day 5 (plumbing), Day 4 to 3 (digging) Day 2 to 1 (removing trees) Day 0 (before). Then, I threw in a picture of my FRONT yard where they are driving the bobcat - shoot, I seriously hope they clean that up some!!!

backyard_birthday 022

backyard_birthday 001

backyard_etc 014

backyard 007

backyard 001

lunar_eclipse 028

Front Yard:

backyard_birthday 020

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Creatively Observant said...

Your son is sucha cutie - my son is 9 and he's already on his way to being a defiant teenager. Don't have any idea where he gets it from. ;)