Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thought I was so cool...

This week has been hectic - and even hecticmom hectic. We've had something every single day and night - either softball, baseball, baton, haircuts - which needed to be rescheduled, physical therapy, taekwondo, hubby traveling, scorekeeping, etc etc etc after a very very hectic weekend.

Anyway, my son is in Little League and part of the deal is that the parent has to volunteer at the "snatch snack shack." My daughter had a softball game and I was completely unable to get to the snack shack by 4pm because I work. And I work until 5. and I work an hour from where I live and my son plays baseball. So... I hired a teenager to cover my shit shift. I have been a bit negligent in paying him, but I emailed his mom last night and all was good and I was going to run over after work on my way to softball to pay him - and I gave him a little extra because I was so late (we're supposed to pay before.)

Anyway... I'm feeling pretty good. I did my presentation at 4pm at work. Headed out at 5... Got to the snack shack by 6 and paid the nice kid... Got to my daughters game by 6:10... Tomorrow, Bubba is getting an award at school, I moved my PT appointment. I'm going to PT, then to sign the kids up for soccer then to Taekwondo. I'm feeling pretty damn cool... Shit man, I can do it all!

Got home at 7:30 and started making dinner. I check the messages and it's the team mom saying that my teenager didn't show up. WTF? He was there at 6... It ends up that my shift STARTED at 7pm. DAMNIT!!!!! I thought I had pulled it off. I had balanced work and life. I had made all my inflicted commitments... Or not... DAMN IT!!! Now our team won't get the $100 for our team party because I didn't fulfill my responsibility. DAMNIT!

And I thought I was so cool...

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