Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Only because of Blog365

I'm only posting tonight because of Blog365. I have nothing left. Nothing witty. Nothing mean. Nothing even whiny. I think I'm about as burned out as the kids (cause the end of school.)

Here is a few short synopsi:
I had taekwondo - damn - I love me some taekwondo. I did a bunch of situps yesterday and my muscles are so sore. But, sometimes that feels good cause I know I did something.

I think I will only have two more physical therapy sessions - my knee is so much better! That PT actually works - even if it is the work of the devil. I love my McGonnell taping and even bought my own tape for Taekwondo and sore days.

The pool is so close to being done (unfortunately it won't be done this weekend when we are expecting a weird heatwave of 105 - DAMNIT!). We had to get our fence replaced (our neighbors totally have avoided us like the plague and even moved a washer and dryer and a couple of mattresses and a dresser onto their driveway to try to convince us they are CRAZY FUCKS! Anyway the fence is awesome - and it only took them two days to do it. AWESOME! So, now we can pass inspection, and they can plaster and fill the pool. YIPPEE! Probably one to two more weeks. Oh, please please please be done by Memorial day!!!! I don't have pictures yet, because I'm sucking like a suckstar.

We had baton on Monday, baton today, baton tomorrow and then the state baton competition this weekend. holy shit - it's just too much baton for a single week.

I sort of did a bit of whistleblowing at work and I think I might have set myself up for a firing. But, I guess if I'm fired I'll be eligible for unemployement. Oh well, at least I'll be able to sleep better at night.

Now, wasn't that entertaining?

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