Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Hate Clothes Shopping

I know - those words may cause a riot.

Some people love shopping. I am clearly not one of them. My mom is really good at it. She's not just good at shopping, she's amazing at finding BARGAINS! Cute cute clothes and shoes at crazy low prices. My best friend is also amazing at shopping.

I walk into a clothing store and I start to panic. Here are my thoughts, "OMG! The lights are too bright," "The sales people are all wearing headsets," "holy shit, there are a lot of choices." "Fuck, should I try on maroon? Baby blue? Pink? Teal? Brown? Black? NAVY? HOLY CRAP!!!! THAT IS JUST ONE FREAKING SWEATER AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT COLOR TO EVEN TRY ON!!!" RUN AWAY!!!!

Two years ago, I had reached the end of my long long long pursuit of my master's degree as a fulltime working adult with two small kids and a husband. I was incredibly proud of myself for completeing it. I went to Old Navy (my favorite store - I suppose - they have jeans that fit me) and I swear to everything that I almost had a panic attack. I didn't know what someone was supposed to wear to a graduation. I was supposed to go to this nice luncheon for top graduates and get an award and everything. I called my best friend in tears and asked her to help me.

She immediately came to the store and rescued me. She went in, and 5 minutes later (I kid you not) had a basket full of items for me to try on. Things that looked like crap and I would never have even considered. I tried them on and they turned me into a princess. I ended up getting a nice pair of black pants, a tank off-white sweater with beading and a black chinese collared jacket with brown and off-white lining and 3/4 length sleaves. I looked spectacular.

But, I still panic when walking into clothing stores. I just can't put it together myself. I think I'm missing the gene that allows people to do this. I have no problem letting people dress me, I'm just unable to pick things out myself. I am the woman that personal shoppers are made for.

But, all in all, I'm not your "typical" female (whatever that is). I'm a computer science major, and computer nerd by profession. I work with almost all men. I'm actually most comfortable around men. I'm painfully shy in social situations around new people. I'm terrible at school functions - I don't socialize with the other mommies very well. However, I do get along well with the Dads that I work with (which doesn't go over well with the mommies). Since I'm so fashion-clueless, the other mommies also don't like to include me in their bunco and bookclubs (not that I have time for that anyway.) However, I'm incredibly outgoing with people I know and I'm comfortable with. It may take me 3 or 4 years to get comfortable with someone. However, I love people that are naturally outgoing and talkative - they put me at ease. I do my worst with other shy people - because I just cannot keep that conversation going.

On the flip side - I manage a group of 35 engineers. I have no problem whatsoever getting up and speaking in front of them. Or leading, guiding, teaching, developing them either in a group or one on one. But, my job is different than dealing with "the mommies." I guess I feel insecure? OMG! I didn't think I felt insecure about anything! But, it's weird, because I am your "typical" mommy blogger.

So - my questions for my internets (trying to understand the bloggers who read this crazy blog):

Do you love or hate shopping? Are you good at it?
As a blogger do you find it easier to open up to people in your blog or in real life?
Are most of your friends male or female?


Sam said...

Nordstrom. Because life is too short to figure out how to shop. Um...other questions. Am I only supposed to answer if I am a "typical" mommy blogger. WTF is that, anyway. You mean the ones that can dress themselves and chat casually during school events about the Jones? Because I can't do that. I'm better with the ones that own penises. They make more sense.

DC said...

I LOVE shopping and am a super-awesome bargain hunter. My husband, however, has major shopping anxiety.

I am more open IRL than on my blog (mostly for security reasons).

I have a lot of male and female friends, but all but one of my BFFs are women.

Mme. Meow said...

After I had the kid, I lost my desire to go clothes shopping. I miss it, awfully, but sometimes I force myself. Jcrew.com is awesome though.

Kim said...

Love shopping and love finding bargins! Don't love buying clothes right now b/c I still have about 30lbs of baby weight to lose! I am much more open on my blog than in real life, but I do speak up when something is important to me! I fit in with the moms and with the dads - I have always had friends that were male and female. Here from NCLM

Rachelle said...

I hate to shop for myself, but I LOVE shopping for my children. I am a huge bargain shopper for him. I am pretty open on my blog, but more open IRL and most of my friends are female. (from NCLM)

Tanya said...

I hate shopping for myself. I tend to buy black and navy pants for work and then every shirt I own matches one or the other of them.

Natalee said...

Too love bargains & discounts... have saved 20% on dress shirts at Rochester Big and Tall, I'm so happy with my savings.

Karla May said...

Shopping? No. I don't love it. But sometimes I also don't hate it. When I was skinnier, it seemed to be something I dreaded less.

Sometimes it's easier to open up on the blog, although most of my friends in real life read it, I'm pretty sure quite a few of my co-workers do, and I have a sneaking suspicion my mom does. So I definitely have to watch myself and not go TOTALLY off.

Friends? More female than male, but I do have several dear male friends. Always have.