Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hubby, my horribly tone deaf husband, is trying to complete all the songs in Rock Band as the singer - on expert. OMFG. My daughter plugs her ears and complains that his singing hurts her brain, I drink lots of wine and give myself an IV of morphine. He can't even sing the words, he just sort of moans until he sort of hits the notes. I should totally record it but I shake too bad from the pain. For those songs he just absolutely can't pass - he pulls me over and I sing the song and pass it and he gets all huffy because I pass it without too much angst. My life is hell. (as a side note - he's an awesome rockband and guitar hero guitar player and has already passed all the songs on expert which is why he has to now get the achievements for the singer.)

I have a new title for for his Rock Band singer - SUCK STAR! Definately NOT a rockstar. When I was in college I often abused the phrase, "Rock on Rockstar!" I think that "Suck on Suckstar!" is quite appropriate for this phase in our lives.

I think I'll use that tomorrow with NIB.

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Sam said...

OMG. I never thought of the horror that Rock Band could inflict upon my happy home. It's bad enough to see my husband rocking out with his plastic guitar. ARGH! MUST STOP FROM BUYING ROCK BAND!!