Saturday, May 31, 2008

The baseball / softball season is officially done

Holy shit -

I'm also so relieved when a season ends. Both baseball and softball season are complete! Thank Gawd!!!!! We had closing ceremonies for softball and baseball had their last game today. Bubba - had his best baseball game ever. Yay for him! He didn't strike out once, he hit the ball every time at bat, and even made a run (he usually strikes out every time). It was all very exciting. He was thrilled with himself. Great way to end the season.

I've been bragging on this blog a lot about Prissy's softball pitching skills and overall awesomeness. Well, we found out today at closing ceremonies that she was the best pitcher - statistically - in her entire division. Cool right? (yes, yes, I'm bragging more!!! She is MY daughter!!!) But, Holy shit - coaches and softball board members and multiple different people started recruiting her for their teams next year at closing ceremones. "Oh, Prissy - you are playing winterball right?" ummm - we weren't planning on it... Soccer is in the fall... "Oh, Prissy - you need to be on Softball-girls team next year!" ummm - it's a draft. She has no say at all... Anyway, it was cool - but weird. We don't even know these people. Hubby said he saw two of them watching her last night at the game. Are there really scouts at the 8 and under games? Seriously? Have things gone too far?

On the flip side - one of the assistant coaches asked Bubba to be on his team next year. NOOOOO!!!!! He was an absolute ASSHOLE to the kids. I haven't talked much about baseball because it was horrible. I refuse to let my son be on his team. Bubba had the same crappy coach two years in a row. He needs someone to coach him not someone to just yell at him and tell him he HAS to hit it. Maybe he needs to be told to swing straight and not loopy. Ugh...

So - softball and baseball is done until next March. But, baton is still hot and heavy. Prissy has regionals in a few weeks (for the Western United States). And then has Nationals in July. Oddly - softball isn't her real competitive sport - Baton is. At least for now. I think when she gets older - she is going to have to choose. She won't be able to do everything.

And Bubba, Hubby and I are still doing Taekwondo. We've been a bit short on classes because of all this baseball and softball. We all have testing in a few weeks. We know the forms and the weapons. Bubba will be moving to a Black Belt recommended. He's almost to his blackbelt. He wants to quit after that - which is fine. But, after all this time - he's only about 3 months away from his blackbelt - he needs to finish it. Suck it up and finish!
Man - we sure stay busy with all of our kids sports. It certainly gives us something to do. :D

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