Sunday, May 18, 2008

Updates on the weekend and such

Holy shit -

This has been an incredibly long weekend. Prissy and I drove to the Bay Area on Friday night and it was super hot. Unfortunately, the air conditioner in our room was not functioning correctly and we couldn't get the room to cool. Called the front desk and they said the maintanence guy wouldn't be back until Monday (we were staying until Sunday - of course.) So freaking hot - miserably hot. I called them back later and asked for a different room but they were booked up - of course. I asked if they had a portable air conditioner or even a fan and they did not. They said they could move us the next day.

Anyway, we got up super duper early and ate breakfast and headed to the baton competition. We got to the gym about 7:30am. THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY the gym was air conditioned. It would have just been intolerable without air conditioning. Anyway, Prissy did extremely well. She won 3 first places. Which is just awesome for states. And she did incredibly well in all of her events. We ended up getting out of the gym about 9:45pm. We were the last remaining people from our team (besides our coach who was judging.) We couldn't wait for the awards - because it looked to be another hour or so. And Prissy could barely keep her eyes open and was so ready to skip the awards. (she is only 9 after all and had been there since 7:30 in the morning.) So, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

We slept in to 8am. Then, went and tried to pick up a geocache (which I swear was taken) and then went and ate breakfast before heading back to Sacramento. We went straight to Prissy's best friend's birthday party at skyhigh sports. It was awesome. It was like a rollerskating rink sized space filled with trampolines - even on the walls. Awesome. So, Prissy jumped for 2 hours and then we headed to Bubba's soccer game.

Bubba was having a soccer play day. He played for 3 hours. 20 minute halves and 4 games. He did so well - but, it was SO HOT!!! Even me, sitting in the shade was burning hot. I think I personally much prefer the indoor sports. :D

So, then we headed home and I went to the grocery store. Prissy and Bubba are watching a movie now - but I'm surprised that any of us is still upright. It has been an incredibly long weekend. I absolutely cannot believe that I have to go to work tomorrow.

That's up update!

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Sam said...

Yay Prissy! It was even hot in Santa Barbara this weekend. Thank goodness we had a/c in our room!