Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anti-Sex in the City Meme

So, I'm taking on Suzanne's challenge and following her "Anti-Sex in the City Meme." I'm also NOT a fan of Sex in the City. Actually, I've never even seen it. And I don't really have a desire to see it either.

What's the cheapest pair of shoes you own?: Ohhh... I love cheap shoes. Although, most of my shoes are somewhere in the $35 - $50 range. My cheapest pair of shoes was a $19.99 pair of flats that I got at Old Navy. I don't ever wear them because they kill my feet. My most expensive shoes are Birkenstocks. I LOVE Birkenstocks - even if they are fugly - they are soooo comfy.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry, if you own any?: I have three favorite pieces. One is a rhinestoned wishbone that my daughter bought for me when she was on a fieldtrip at the gift shop of where ever they were. It's a $5.99 piece of jewelry and I get LOTS of compliments on it. *laugh* The second is a garnet bracelet my mom got me. She is a super shopper and she said she got this $90 bracelet for $19. The third is an absolutely gorgeous set of pearls my husband bought in a charity auction. I used to wear them all the time. But, then I had them appraised and found out how much they were worth (5 times what hubby paid?) Now, I'm too nervous to wear them.

What's your favorite t-shirt?: I have two that I love. The first says, "Ninja in Disguise" the other says, "Black Belt Princess."

If you could wear jeans every day, would you? Yes, and I do. Except for the weekends and I usually wear jean capris. And sometimes if I'm feeling exceptionally good about myself I'll wear shorts, on the weekend, when it's over 153 degrees.

Do you comb your hair every day? Yes, but not that it makes a difference.

If you read this consider yourself tagged.


Suzanne said...

Yeah, my favorite shoes are Danskos, which are also expensive but amazingly comfy.

Sam said...

I've seen a couple of episodes but it didn't blow my shorts up or anything. I'm meme'd out, but I love cheap flat sandals from Payless. My other love is nice shoes from Nordstrom. Jeans? Would marry them if possible. Hair? Depends on whether it is curly or straight. If it is straight I leave it the fuck alone. Jewelry? My wedding ring, cause I'm sort of a newlywed and all.