Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Tournament is going to Kill me

So - the girls softball tournament started yesterday. Prissy is 9 years old on a team called the Dynamite! and she is one of the older players on her team. She and her good friend (also the coaches daughter) are really good and they are THE pitchers. Several of the other girls pitch, but not during this last part of the tournament. There are weird rules for the pitchers. Like the girls can't pitch more than two innings in a game (a typical game lasts 4 innings) and they can only pitch in 2 games in a week (except for the tournament and they can pitch 3 games - they tournament is 4 games long in a single week.)

This is a single elimination tournament. They won yesterday and neither Prissy or her friend pitched. They were being "saved." Both the girls pitched today to a team that they have lost to twice (however, neither Prissy nor her friend have played against them). Prissy's friend did not pitch very well tonight. But, the other team wasn't pitching well either.

So, Dynamite was up 2 to 0 and Prissy starts to pitch. I swear I felt like I was going to throw up for her.

  • Strike OUT! YES!
  • Hit off of her, pop fly and Prissy catches it! YES!
  • Walk -
  • Hit -
  • Walk
  • And then they score... DAMN... 2-1
  • And then a final Strike out! YES!

Prissy doesn't usually ever walk anyone. So, getting so many balls sort of flustered her. She was just trying to pitch it too fast I think. Nerves were running pretty high.

Anyway, Dynamite got back up and didn't score.

Prissy comes back up to pitch. Last inning of the game. Winning or losing this tournament is pretty much riding on her shoulders. She looks cool as a cucumber. I was nervous as a mouse in house full of cats.

  • Strike OUT!
  • Strike OUT!
  • Hit - gets on first.
  • STRIKE OUT!!!!!!!!


Apparently everyone was quite nervous. The coaches were nervous. The parents were nervous. The kids were nervous. One of the parents told Prissy after the game she looked calm out there. She said, "If you were a bug inside of me, you'd know that isn't true." I guess she had some butterflies. :)

Anyway - that's a lot of pressure for such a little girl! WAY more pressure than baton.

Tomorrow we play the other top team in the division. They have also beaten us twice. I can't believe I'm so into girls softball. Crazy.


Sam said...

Did you forget your flask? What's wrong with you?! Drink, woman!!

DC said...

"If you were a bug inside of me, you'd know that isn't true."

Kids say the most hysterical things! Congrats on the big win! :)

Rachel said...

Way to go Prissy.

I can't wait for LG to be in sports, but I'll be a nervous wreck.