Monday, May 19, 2008

Nothing and Everything

Oh internets - all I have is stuff. There is nothing exciting going on, but SO MUCH STUFF happening (all of it incredibly boring - but that's what you come here to read. Right? Wait, is there anyone even there? I guess it's just a journal that I can look back upon then. :))

Here is my STUFF:

  • I didn't go to Walmart yesterday I went to Safeway because I was exhaused after everything and I just couldn't do the Walmart crowds. Also Safeway has better meat and produce.
  • I bought cherries there. They are tasty.
  • I wrote the hot hotel a nasty note and they sent me a gift certificate for a free night's stay. That sort of rocks. I'm not sure when we'll ever make it back there. However, they did have a Chevy's within walking distance - that means the big margaritas! YUMMY!
  • The hotel also has a mall within walking distance. I'm not a shopper - I may have to write an entire post on this at some point. My mom - shopper. My best friend - shopper. Me - I suck at it and I hate it. Unless I'm with my mom or my best friend and they tell me what to buy. I went with Prissy - and I hated it. Poor little girl - SHE WAS THRILLED to be shopping with her mom and I just wanted to get the fuck out of there. And I had even had my margarita. I just hate shopping. But, we did get her a cute dress and it was only $9. She was thrilled. I need to acquire a taste for shopping since I have a tween girl. Yugh..
  • We got our direcTV fixed today - well, we got our HD dish. Unfortunately, the guy didn't run the second line down, so we can't record and watch a different channel. At least we have TV now.
  • The pool guys came and cleaned up the pool and caulked the side. The inspector was supposed to come tomorrow - but, the owner forgot to have the equipment installed. So, they still have to install the pump, the filters, the lights, etc, etc, etc. Inspection is scheduled for Wednesday. Plaster and fill is scheduled for Thurday. We may be swimming by the end of next week.
  • Ironically enough - it's been hot as hell and it's supposed to cool off now that our pool is being filled. UGH.
  • I want to do a tropical landscape around the pool. OMG! I have a vision of what I want. I know - don't freak out. It is so unlike me.
  • Bubba had a baseball game today - he didn't hit a single ball. He did play catcher. The mean coach said they were going to let him play a few innings in-field because they've played him outfield all season (which is terribly boring) but they wouldn't play him at first becaue they would be slaughtered if they did that. Ummm - assholemuch? He's SEVEN!
  • I worked from home today. I love that my job is flexible enough that I can work from home occasionally.
  • I didn't have to go to PT today - but I should still do my exercises that I have not yet done.

Is that enough nothing and everything for you? We're busy - super busy. But, not by anything very exciting.

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Sam said...

Mmmmm...real cherries. So yummy. I think I must have some tomorrow. You still have Safeway? I haven't seen one around in years. Note to self: must leave the house more often.