Thursday, May 22, 2008

Intense and Not So Tense

Tonight Prissy had her school concert/musical. Next week is the last week of school - so this is the last musical we'll have to go to for this private school. This year's performance was really good. Surprisingly. Usually they are long and painful. This one was filled with patriotic songs and songs about America. Honestly, I was dreading it a little (ok, dreading it a lot). But, it turned out to be really good. The kids did awesome. You could really tell that they have worked hard. Prissy was singing so intensely. She was just really trying to belt out those songs. It was really cute. This was a performance by 4th and 5th graders. And I see that some of the kids are already starting to fall into that "this is so stupid" attitude. But, Prissy isn't there. She thought it was awesome and was still so serious and intent on doing a good job. God, I hope she stays there for as long as she can. I think I will be heartbroken when she hits that "Pessimistic, You don't know anything, Everyone is wrong" attitude. I actually don't think I have long. It terrifies me. She's so sweet and generous and loving and beautiful and awesome right now.

The not so tense side of my day. We had a team building event today. While at lunch, one of my lunch bunch mentioned that he and his wife had gotten a Wii Fit yesterday (it was just released yesterday) and they hadn't preordered it. So, we went to Sam's Club at lunchtime and they had some still availble and I bought one and I took it to our team building event. It turned out to be really fun. I think I'll like this little Wii game.

Also, I'm still in the Biggest Loser at work (although, I ate like crap at our team building - it was a potluck at one of my managers house - everyone was trying to get everyone else to eat poorly.) But, today, instead of a normal "one on one" I was to have with another contestant that reports to me - we did our one on one in the fitness center. We had a meeting while we were on eliptical trainers. It was one of the coolest one on ones I've ever had. Plus, I got a good 20 minutes of aerobics in today. Yay!

Our pool was supposed to be plastered and filled today - but was postponed because it's so windy. They said it would blow leaves and debris into the wet plaster and ruin it. They are certainly right. But, it's still a bummer that it's delayed again.

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Sam said...

Something I thought of regarding your previous post/charities/blindness: I donated my father's corneas when he died. I suppose that means I don't totally suck, right? Because I really don't want to be a Pomeranian in another life.