Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NIB Returns


Today freaking sucked. Sucked with a capital shit. I got so angry I almost hung up on NIB (New Italian Boss). Really... It took every ounce of self control I had not to hang up on his cunty-assholeyness (that is inspired by Suzanne).

I got yelled at today. YELLED AT!!! I'm a super duper awesome performer - always exceeding expectations - outstanding employee (yes, I have a big ego too) and I WAS SCREAMED AT FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT DO... Screamed at... really... WTF? The button pushing words that were dare uttered from my mouth?

"I do not think this is a very constructive conversation."

Which, it wasn't. NIB was not listening. At all. He was talking over me. And over my super bright and wonderful employee. He didn't care one nano-snatch about what we had to say. He wouldn't be quiet. And finally I made the horrible and terrible statement above. Most normal people will ask in response to the statement above - "Oh, how can we make it constructive?" Not go off on a tirade about something I didn't even mention - nor was I even thinking.

It was a conference call. And I had to put the phone down and I could still hear him yelling. I'm totally not shitting you. It took everything in myself for me to not hang up on him. One of my direct reports was also on this conference call. As was someone from an entirely different group. SO COMPLETELY unprofessional. After he finished yelling - I told him that I was speechless and that I was hanging up the phone. He actually said, "Ok, have a nice day. Goodbye." Honestly - WTF? Floored. I'm still floored.

I used to have a boss somewhat like this. And he yelled at me once in a staff meeting for an entire hour. This was 9 years ago. I would tune into him and listen to him rant (about something the person I took over for did) and about how bad I suck for letting my previous co-worker do this horrible horrible thing. When, I was just a peon - and I'm the one that uncovered the problem and was trying to fix it. In all of my management training classes that I give now - I use him as my bad manager example. He now is not allowed to manage people - because he sucks at it.

I think I have an entirely new type of manager to use as an example of a horrible terrible manager. For the years of 1999 - 2007 I had the world's most awesome managers. Two of them actually. Really. They were both super. I have a special love for them I think might be unnatural. But, I think I also took them for granted. Then, last year, I got a new manager (US manager) and he wasn't super, but he wasn't horrible. I can work with that. Just stay out of my way and I'll do my job and give you amazing results.

Nib though - NIB is making horrible decisions. Horrible. And then screaming at me when I try to just ask questions. Not even mean or rude questions - just questions. I guess there subordinates aren't allowed to question their managers. He also won't let me do what I do best - he won't let me do my job. It's making me uggy..

I'm still fuming. Maybe I'll go work in HR - they are all US people.

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