Sunday, May 11, 2008

Caught in the Act

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mother's out there!

I had a very nice day.

I lurve me some ribs. I grew up in Kansas City - and living in California, it is not easy to find even somewhat edible ribs. However, Texas Back 40 BBQ has the best ribs in the area (and they are really good.) Hubby doesn't enjoy ribs the way I do, so we don't go there very often. But, since it was Mother's Day, he conceded and we were off to eat some ribbies. (Prissy lurves ribs like I do.)

Anyway, they had the country really going in there and it was "old" country. Not the new rockish country. We're talking Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette. Twangy is the best definition I have of it. Anyway, some song was playing and Bubba started swaying to the music, and then Prissy joined in and then Hubby and then we were all swaying and dancing to the music in our back corner booth where no one could really see us. And of course - just at that moment of silliness - the waitress walks up. And the kids bust up laughing and I turn red. I said, "Oh, you weren't supposed to see that" which just cracked up Prissy even more. The waitress just looked at us and turned around and walked away. Which caused us all to completely fall apart.

The waitress probably thinks we're all bitches, but we had a really good time and we left her a nice tip. :D

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