Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I am a bit calmer today. I was awake for much of last night spinning and arguing in my head and coming up with snitty little comments for NIB (New Italian Boss). Then, around 5:30am this morning (20 short minutes before I was forced to get up) I started calming down and figuring out what I needed to say to NIB to keep me in a positive light to all the superiors that matter at my company.

So, I got to work and started calling him. He never answered. He actively avoided my calls this morning. I think he knew he was wrong yesterday. He's still not getting out of this without a bit of a "Constructive Confrontation." (That's the Intel phrase for trying to resolve problems when someone is upset - using a positive manner and using "When you.. I feel..." phrases. The touchy feely stuff that actually works.)

Anyway, he avoided me like the black plague today. Which was ok - because at some point he is going to have to talk to me. And if he's a Cunty McCunterson* about it all - I will go and work for HR and begin providing management classes and sensitivity training for select assfaces. Does anyone know if the California harassment laws pertain to a manager who isn't located in the US? I know if a manager is located in Arizona, but managing someone in California they have to take the harassment training and all that. Not that NIB is harassing me (yet) - but it would be something good to know.

On a happy note - without my interference - the thing that he got so incredibly yelly about yesterday was overturned by someone with more authorita. Neener neener neener - he should have listened to me - BECAUSE I WAS RIGHT - BITCHWHOREMUCH?!?!!!!

Tomorrow (if he is brave enough to answer), I'm going to give my 2 cents in a positive and happy-sappy manner (which he may or may not listen to) and then just picture me dropping the phone, saying "Peace out - yo" thumping my chest twice and giving the peace sign.

*Name stolen from Suzanne at cuss - it's too awesome not to use as much as possible.


Sam said...

Does NIB work directly for a company that is located in California? As in not a 1099 employee? I believe that is how it works. If you're REALLY curious I know a person that works in the HR field here in CA and would likely be able to give an answer one way or another.

Hecticmom Undone said...

Hi Sam - thanks for the comment. It's a global company whose headquarters are actually located in Switzerland. NIB is located in Italy. I'm in California. My previous company's headquarters was in Santa Clara - which might have been the factor. I have a friend in HR - I'll ask him when I see him. :D Thanks for the comment!