Thursday, May 29, 2008

5+ Hours at the Fields

Man oh man!

I spent over 5 hours at the baseball/softball fields today. Yes. FIVE FREAKING HOURS! It would be one thing if it was Saturday. But, the kids went to school today and I worked all day. It was actually the kids last day of school! YAHOO!!! NO MORE HOMEWORK!!! WE CAN GET TO SUMMER CAMP A BIT LATER! WE CAN LEAVE A BIT EARLIER! OH YEAH - THE KIDS - ALL As (and Os for Bubba)...

Anyway, went to Bubba's game. It was long. His team slaughtered the other team. Bubba even hit it once! And got on base! He made an awesome stop at 3rd base and threw it to first - and the first baseman caught it. Very exciting.

We then left there and went to Prissy's game. As I mentioned yesterday they are in a single elimination tournament and they played the other top team (either the Dynamite or the Funky Monkeys were slated to win the division - but this is just the semi-finals tonight.)

Prissy pitched the first two innings (better than the final innings) and she struck out everyone. She had one of her best games ever. The other team's pitcher was really good as well and she struck out everyone. Our other really good pitcher came up and struck out everyone in the next two innings - and vice versa. So, the game should have been over due to time - but the score was 0 to 0. Both Prissy and the other good pitcher had pitched their two allowed innings. And it was too dark to play anymore and the field we were on didn't have lights.

SO - we had to do the tie breaker final rules and wait for a field to open up with lights. Another pitcher was warmed up (she is a decent pitcher.) Our girls got up and freaking scored four runs (the Funky Monkey's didn't have a 3rd decent pitcher) and it was getting REALLY late - past all the girls bedtimes. Our girls were just out of control excited - screaming that really really loud screetchy girl scream? You know it? The kind that makes your eyes bleed.

The funky monkey's got up and our 2nd string pitcher did really well. She struck out her first batter and then a couple of hits but they were fielded out. Funky Monkey's scored 2 and were finally put out...



Dynamite won! I haven't been so excited about a team winning in forever. The NCAA basketball tournament wasn't even as exciting as this. You should have heard our girls screaming. They were SO FREAKING EXCITED!

However - there is still one game left tomorrow. They are playing the Storm. We've beaten the Storm 2 or 3 times this season. They aren't bad - and you never know. The girls could have a bad pitching day or something. But, we should beat them. Three of the girls on the Storm were on the team that Hubby and I coached in T-softball (the team was called the Thunderbunnies - is that the cutest fracking name you've ever heard or what??!! The local highschool team is the Thunder - so we thought that these 6 year olds should be the Thunderbunnies.

So, if the other team does win - we can say that we helped coach those girls and we still rock. Cause, clearly we do.

I can't believe how totally exciting this tournament has been. It would be neat if Dynamite won tomorrow.

I'm actually feeling like not such a suck parent tonight. I don't think I have too much guilt about much. Kids did well in school this year. They are doing well in sports. I've attended all of the games my kids had this week. I haven't even complained too loudly that WE'VE BEEN AT SOFTBALL OR BASEBALL EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK!!!! That's all. Just feeling at peace.

Oh yeah, it helps that I'm off for the next 4 days. Oh, and also? Our pool is done and filled with water. I totally have to get the before and after post up. SO awesome!

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