Thursday, May 8, 2008

I saw a dead guy today

I was driving to work this morning in the Sparky-mobile with the kiddos and there are some guys standing in the road waving cars to the far right lane. They were normal guys, not police officers or anything. I then see the police motorcycle and the police man kneeling down. And - what's that beside him? It's all bars and and is that a wheel? OMG - it's a bicycle. Then, I see him. The kids see him too.

He's laying face down on the concrete and he's not moving a muscle - it's an old guy mostly bald with white hair. There is blood absolutely everywhere and it's predominately around his head. He only has one shoe on. And the thing that has been sticking with me all day is his one white socked foot stretched out into the street.

As we drove past - Prissy says that she's shaking all over. I could only agree. We were driving in the direction of the hospital - and no ambulance came flying towards us. I guess they knew they could take their time.

It put everything in perspective for me today.

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Sam said...

I saw your Twitter blurp about it. I am sorry, for you (and your children) that you had to witness it, and for the deceased's family.