Saturday, May 24, 2008

Short Post

Tonight is a short post. We were actually invited to a Memorial Day party this evening. (yes, us! Anti-social freaks - we were actually invited somewhere! Yay Us!) It was loads of fun. There were other kids there. My kids were nice and the other kids were nice and all the kids played nicely together. Really! I'm not kidding. Weird, right?

All in all, it was a very fun night. I made a spinach dip that was a huge success. FINALLY! I was freaking successful at SOMETHING this week.

That's all. Tomorrow, we have a fundraiser for baton - Prissy has to sell Pizza coupons in front of a store. Unfortunately, I have to be there too. I hate fundraisers. I'd rather just fork out the money.

See, I told you it'd be short.

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Sam said...

I hate fundraisers more than...well just about everything. Chicken had a few fundraisers to earn money for a Disneyland band trip and said screw it and just wrote the check. Much easier that way I believe.

Congrats on the whole social thing. I'm pretty happy in bed. The innernets counts as social, right?