Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today was a Good Day

I don't post about Good Days very often. But today was busy, but good. Here is my run down (minus what we had for lunch. :))

9am - sleep late... Ahhh....
10:30 - Bubba's Tae Kwon Do
10:35 - take in dry cleaning (same parking lot as TKD) and get a Caramel Machiato from Starbucks.
11:15 - Go home, eat lunch, play on the computer for a few minutes.
12:30 - Hubby and my Tae Kwon Do
1:15 - Go home and play with the kids and play on the computer together.
2:25 - Go to Bubba's baseball game -
3:00 - game starts and he made a hit. The opposing team's coach is awesome. He actually "coaches." Tells the kids what to do and more importantly HOW to do it. They all seem to love him and they are really really good. Bubba's team lost 12 to 9.
4:30 - Bubba's game is over, we get him his snacks from the snack shack and head to Prissy's softball game.
5:00 - Prissy's game starts. They win 1 to 0. Prissy strikes out 2 of the 3 batters she faces. Then, she had two assists to first for 2 additional outs. All in all - she rocked.
6:30 the game is over.
6:45 - we go out to dinner with some friends. They also have 2 kids and they are just a really fun family to spend time with.

Then, get home, and bath and stuff... Finish up the game that has been haunting me.... And write this post.

So, we've been busy - but, not frantic. It's been great. I also get to sleep in tomorrow.

Yay me!!! Mother's day tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!

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Sam said...

The burning question: was that a hot or iced caramel macchiato? Mmmm... yummy caramel goodness.