Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Classic Hectic Day

Today was a classic Hecticmom Hectic day.

  • 5:50 woke up - threw on running clothes, woke up Prissy, made coffee
  • 6:00 emailed boss and then immediately he called and I had to talk to him.
  • 6:15 went on our training run
  • 6:50 returned home, stretched, woke up Bubba, got Happy Birthday coffee - woke up Hubby singing Happy Birthday.
  • 7:00 took a quick shower, got dressed for real, made kids breakfast, got their lunchboxes packed, got everyone ready. While doing all this boss calls again - he's upset - culteral difference. Stupid stupid stupid thing. I'm not understanding why he's upset.
  • 7:35 walked kids to school.
  • 7:45 put on makeup.
  • 7:55 left for work (at this point I'mVERY late - but I've been talking to my boss all morning, so really I've been working.)
  • During the drive into work - boss calls again to continue to be upset with me and get upset with me for not understanding why he is upset. Tells me that he is telling his boss. Unfortunately, I was running so late that I forgot my headset, so I was terrified that I was going to get pulled over while talking on my phone. It ended up that he decided our company will spend lots of money it doesn't really need to spend - but, it makes him feel better. So - I guess it's ok? I don't know if he is still upset with me, and I honestly don't care. The entire thing is crazy.
  • 8:40 arrive at work. read email. go get some coffee.
  • 9:00 have meeting (a good meeting.)
  • 10:00 I'm ready to go on vacation. However, I get hit up from several different people for different things. I don't leave until 11:30.
  • 12:30 Get home after picking up lunch.
  • 12:45 Race to the store to pick up medication for my mom, dinner for tonight and cake mix for Hubby's birthday cake.
  • 1:15 Pick up Bubba from school.
  • 1:30 Make cake
  • 1:40 Parents arrive.
  • 2:20 Prissy comes home.
  • 2:25 Bug hubby about finishing that CD for me for baton - we have to leave in 30 mins. While hubby is trying to help me slow down a song and burn a CD, he starts opening his presents. (Rock band 2 and the new ion drum set)
  • 3:00 Leave for baton.
  • 6:00 Leave baton and decide NOT to make dinner and pick up subway on the way home.
  • SIDE NOTE: Since my parents have arrived, my children have turned into loud talking vibrating monkeys that are driving me crazy. They are so excited to have Baba and Papa here.
  • 7:15 Get home. Hubby has gone to his softball board meeting. Eat, get the kids bathed, get all their homework done, up to bed.
  • 8:30 Baba and Papa head off to their hotel.
  • 8:45 I sit down to write my blog and I realized I haven't really sat down today. Stand back up, get a glass of wine and sit and write this blog post.

Shit.. Nothing traumatic, nothing terrible, just non-stoppedness. I'm ready to actually relax... Sort of a crazy start to my vacation.

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