Saturday, October 25, 2008

Plans are Useless

My plans are useless. I had planned on uploading all of my Italy pictures and having this great post about Italy and my trip and everything.

Not in the cards today.

We had to get up super early to go to Bubba's soccer game. They won again. They are undefeated and in the number one seed in 8U. That's pretty fun. Bubba scored a goal in the last 30 seconds of the game. Very exciting.

Prissy's team lost, but she played extremely well. Unfortunately, she got a ball to the face while playing defense. I was terrified it broke her glasses into her eye - it didn't, but she still had to come out for a few minutes. Her coach - I just can't stand him. He is just such a condesending asshole to the kids. We've had a LOT of coaches in our lives. Some of the best in the world (baton). This guy - he's not a bad coach - but he absolutely does NOT know how to coach 9 year old girls. For example, he calls all the girls sweetheart - but in a bad way. "You need to pick up your feet to run, sweetheart." Then, he says (screams) everything three times, and the third time will be slow like he's talking to an idiot. "Corner!!! Corner!!! C-O-R-N-EEE-RRRR!!!!!" Then, one little girl today, he was screaming - "Move up! Move UP! MOVE UP!!!" Pause "WHY ARE YOU SO FAR UP?!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!" To a self-conscious 9 year old - it's absolutely humiliating when he does that loud enough for all the parents on both teams and all the girls on both teams to hear. When they are down at half time he says, "Do you want to go home winners or LOSERS? If you want to go home losers then keep playing like you are!" Shit man - this is rec soccer and these are 9 year old girls...

Total contrast to Bubba's coach - who is the total and complete opposite. And go figure - Bubba's team is ranked first in his entire 8U division. Prissy's team, they've won a few games, but they are in the very last grouping of her division. Wonder which coaching style works better?

We then went to the party store for costumes. Holy fuck people - stay away from the party store 6 days before Halloween. It was absolute chaos.

We were boo'ed while we were gone. If you remember from Halloween's past - we are usually the ONLY person in the neighborhood NOT to be boo'ed. But, I guess we are finally part of the neighborhood because we were one of the first houses to get it. :) Yay us! So, I had to pick up little gifts to boo others on the street. We will go and do that in a few minutes.

Anyway - I'm totally and completely jetlagged. Almost dizzy. And so so so tired. I'm going to bed early tonight.

This post was longer than I intended. I'll try to do Italy recap tomorrow.

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