Sunday, October 26, 2008

Italy In Pictures

Well, I suppose I should actually DO what I say I'm going to do and post some pictures. I realized I had about 350 pictures and that's a LOT of digital to go through to pick out a neat few. But, since you are my internets, I suppose I will do this.

We arrived in Milan on Friday morning. The hotel, Devaro Hotel, was absolutely amazing. It is only a few months old. The floor in certain areas is glass:
Italy 010

The artwork on the walls was fantastic:
Italy 011

Those are straight pins:
Italy 012

We then got on the subway and headed to The Sforzesco Castle. Unfortunately, we hadn't slept in like 24 hours:
Italy 025

We saw this neat artwork as we walked out of the subway. It's a needle and thread with the knot on the other end:
Italy 027

Italy 030

Italy 045

Hubby and I at a fountain next to the castle:
Italy 062

Then we walked over to the Duomo in Milan. It was amazing:
Italy 065

Italy 068

Italy 075

Italy 077

The next day we headed to Venice. Here are just a few pictures. One day is NOT enough in Venice. It was absolutely amazing.
Italy 085

Italy 087

The artwork on the buildings was incredible:
Italy 093

Some doors were quite small:
Italy 102

Some doors were big, not too many standards here:
Italy 144

Fish in a reflection:
Italy 130

There were so many alley-ways:
Italy 149

This is one of my favorite pictures from Venice:
Italy 151

Then, we went on a gondola ride - Oh La La!
Italy 179

Coworkers in the boat next to us:
Italy 180

View from the gondola:
Italy 205

Last picture of the day:
Italy 233

On Sunday we tried to go to Lake Cuomo, however, there was an international bike race going on there so we were turned away. We made the executive decision to go to Switzerland to have lunch. We ended up on Lake Lugano - and couldn't have found a more beautiful place.

When we first got there, we found a weird head, which we very much enjoyed taking pictures of:
Italy 259

Italy 277

Italy 278

Italy 290

They have angels protecting their beer there:
Italy 300

Then, we had to work the next day.

However, one evening we went out, and got pizza. One of our crew ordered a pizza Margharita (means pizza with cheese, tomatoes and basil) the pizza came out just cheese. No basil, no tomatoes. A complaint was made and they took it back and it came back in about 30 seconds looking like this: I guess they just threw some basil on it.
Italy 311

The last night we were there, we went to a city called Monza. It was where I stayed last year. This was the only picture that was even sort of suitable:
Italy 318

I think that's probably enough pictures. If you are so inclined, feel free to puruse my 400 picture Italy gallery on flickr.

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