Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin's Galore!

What a great day I had. I haven't said that in a long long time. But today, I had a great day. I got SO MUCH DONE today. It has been a long time since I've been really productive.

Recap: Took Jasmine to the vet to get her girl parts out. :( We miss her, but she's doing well and will come home tomorrow.

Got a friend a wedding present, got pumpkins (procrastinate much?), packed up my entire office, got a gift for a friends open house on Saturday, got kitty litter (again, procrastinate much?).

This evening we carved pumpkins - OMG! It was so much fun. Of course, here are a few pictures:

Bubba has no shirt on because he didn't like the pumpkin guts
pumpkins 002

Oreo is missing her sister and has been a little needy tonight.
pumpkins 003

Our finished products:

Bubba carved this himself - I'm really proud of him. He did a great job.
pumpkins 006

Prissy "poked" all of hers, and did a bit of the carving. This was a hard pumpkin to carve:
pumpkins 005

Here is my pumpkin. I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF! YAY ME! The rating on this one was a 2/4 difficulty, and I think this might have been one of the hardest pumpkins I've ever carved. Or maybe just the most time consuming, I'm not sure, but it was really tough. I kept worrying that the web was going to break.
pumpkins 004

Trio of pumpkins:
pumpkins 007

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Sam said...

what a really cool bunch of pumpkins!! I like the cat in the window version!