Monday, October 13, 2008

Clearly Insane

I am clearly completely insane.

Today, my kids didn't have school. A friend of ours asked if their kids could come over for the day. They are both teachers and while the kids are out of school, there is a teachers in-service. They have two kids, a girl that is Prissy's age and a boy that is Bubba's age. The kids have been friends for a long time. They've all been on many sporting teams together and it was great because the siblings would always play together. I thought that it would be great because Prissy would have someone to play with and Bubba would have someone to play with and they would leave me alone while they were playing.

So, while I was planning on working from home today - I didn't quite expect what we got. It was "THE BROTHERS VS THE SISTERS" in the most gawdawful clash the neighborhood has yet seen.

There were spitballs, screaming, crying, flying footballs, wrestling, laughing, more screaming, yelling, and some more screaming. I thought I was going to lose my mind when the doors started slamming. I'm usually pretty cool - but when doors start slamming something irrational is released inside of my body. It's something animal and I can't control it. A door slams once and my hackles go up. It slams again and I'm on my feet. A third time and I'm yelling. Fourth - and I'm SCREAMING THE DEATH SCREAM WHERE CHILDREN FROM ALL OVER RUN FOR COVER!!!!! So, you can guess what these other kids saw. Not so pretty. But, they stopped slamming doors. And after awhile they all came out from cowering under the bed.

But, here is the weird part. I don't like kids. I mean, I really really like my own - love them even (when they aren't slamming doors). But, I'm not really a kid person. I don't understand why anyone would want to go into teaching. My sister - awesome with kids. Kids flock to her. She's like the Pied Piper-ess. My friend - same thing - kids just adore her. They think she is the best thing EVER. Me, they sort of cower from. Even when I'm trying to be friendly. I think I come across with big teeth or something.

So, why in the hell would I agree to take care of two additional kids - ALL DAY LONG??!!! I must have been drunk. I have no other excuse. I'm actually trying to get drunk now - so I can just forget about today... Wish me luck...

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