Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Never as easy as you think

Tomorrow the kids have their annual carnival at their school. This is the first year at this school, so we don't really know what to expect. However, a TON of requests came home asking for help running the carnival, and requests for baked goods. I decided to do the baked goods - because since I'm the new mom at school - I would most certainly get put at the worst booths possible. You know, the ones where the kids knock over the milk bottles or something where you have to run after stupid bouncing balls and reset up the whole thing? Yeah, I'd probably have to work that one.

So, I thought that I would make Rice Krispies. It's my specialty. Just ask anyone. I can't make a cupcake - but I make a damn fine rice krispie treat. They are easy to make and I figured it would be much easier than two 30 minute sessions manning a booth.

Ummm... I probably should have taken the booth. It's now almost 9, and I just finished making the ricey-gooey-sticky treats. My kitchen is covered in Pam (which is the secret to successful RKTs.) The making of them didn't take too long - the cutting, bagging and sealing of the treats took MUCH longer than I anticipated. I only made 84, but it took me all night. I don't think I could have finished if Bubba hadn't of helped me.

*side note - Prissy just lost a tooth! She hasn't lost a tooth in the past 2 years. *

So - note for next year - pick up the milk bottles and bouncing rolling balls.

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