Monday, June 23, 2008

Bee in my Bonnet

I only have a second tonight - I'm working on Prissy's Dance Twirl costume for Nationals (in three weeks - I'm going to be BUSY for the next few weeks.) But, I wanted to share a classic Cindy story from this weekend.

Let me preface this with - I'm terrified of bees. I've never been stung - because I stay the hell out of their way.

Anyway, I was outside the gym this past weekend talking to Bubba on the phone and I hear this buzzing. A bee is flying around my head. I walk away and it follows me (I can see it in the corner of my eye), I move again and it follows me. Then, I sort of jog a bit away and then I can hear it. It's LOUD and I tell Bubba I'll call him back and I try to run away from it. I can still hear the thing buzzing - I can't dodge it anywhere. Then, I get panicy - and start yelling. And running.. There are a lot of people outside. 6 or 7 twirlers practicing. A few coaches. Several parents. And there is me - running in circles, yelling, running up and down the steps like my pants are on fire. Can you picture it? Yeah - thought that you could....

The damn bee was still buzzing and it was getting really loud. I'm totally out of breath and absolutely terrified. I stop - the bee is still buzzing very angrily right behind me, I turn around and it's STILL behind me. I realize it's stuck in my collar. I unfold my collar and run like crazy. It's free and so am I.

I take a few deep breaths - and start to call Hubby and Bubba back and I realize that I never hung up. Hubby is on the line laughing his ass off at me.

Then, I had to try to go and explain it to all the people that saw me running around like a crazy women. They totally and completely ignored me. OMG! I'm the crazy lady now.

Poor Prissy. Her mom is the crazy one.

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Anonymous said...

Why can I just picture is not really that hard to picture...

Cindy running around like a crazy person, all because of a little bee...

Sometimes, I feel sorry for your family. Then, I remember they get to laugh at you 24*7, so I feel better for them.