Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Work = Annoying

I stole this Ten on Tuesday from Florinda.

The title is: 10 things that annoy you about work. Man oh man was this one easy for me.

Here is my list:

  1. Boss (aka NIB (New Italian Boss))
  2. Customers
  3. Vendors
  4. No matter what bathroom I go to or what time I go - it seems that it closed for cleaning.
  5. My 6x8 (inches not feet) cubicle where I bang my knee every time I turn around because it’s so damn small
  6. Meetings at 8am and 1pm (means can’t be late to work or coming back from lunch)
  7. Meetings that run past 5pm (which I actually don't stay for - I have to pick my kids up by 5:10)
  8. The horrible terrible parking situation which causes me to walk 6 miles both ways uphill in the snow every day.
  9. Grey walls, grey desks, grey filing cabinets, blue grey floor.
  10. No windows or natural light whatsoever
  11. The fact that it's kept at 30 degrees below zero. I have to keep a second winter wardrobe in my overhead bin for layering as it gets colder throughout the day.

Oh wait that was 11 not 10. I guess I don't follow rules very well.

This one is my own addition since it was so easy to come up with the above list. Here are things that don’t annoy me about work.

  1. My team
  2. The starbucks coffee stand in the cafeteria
  3. My team
  4. Automatic paper towel dispenser in the bathroom (when it's open)
  5. My team
  6. Fingerprint reader on my laptop (love this!)
  7. My team
  8. Lunch out with Hubby and other fun people
  9. My team
  10. Ummmm..... My team?

I ummm couldn't think of too many things that don't annoy me at work... That should probably tell me something...

1 comment:

Florinda said...

It sounds like this week's topic was just made for you! Hey, at least you have a good team :-).