Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weddings and Marriage

A dear friend and co-worker got married today. She has been with her partner for 18 years. They have an adult son and have guardianship of my friend's 13 year old nephew. Until this week - her union was not recognized by the state of California - just because she and her partner are the same sex. How ridiculous that before this week - this family couldn't be officially married - when they are more married in spirit than many straight couples I know.

I had the honor of being allowed to go to their ceremony and see them take their "official" vows. It was beautiful. And such a big deal - not necessarily the ceremony - but the fact that they are finally recognized as a married couple by the state. What a great day! It's about time.

Anyway, I am so thrilled for them. And I'm so glad that I could be there!

Congratulations - you know who you are!


Pepper said...

I'm sure they loved having your support. Best wishes to your friends!

Visiting from NCLM

Sam said...

Amazing! I am so glad that they have the right to marry now.

smarmoofus said...

Congratulations to your friends! It's ridiculous that they had to wait this long, but I'm glad they finally get to enjoy the same rights as opposite-sex couples. At least in California... and when they travel or move to New York.