Sunday, June 15, 2008

Introducing Jasmine...

We have officially decided on a name for the kitten - her name will be Jasmine after Princess Jasmine and she's a bit of an explorer and quite the playful kitty - so if the mood strikes, she can also go by Jazz.

Who me? A Princess?
Kitties 029

Fell asleep while she was playing. She must have been tired from all the playing she did on our heads while we were sleeping.
Kitties 010

I think that Jasmine is flipping me off!
Kitties 026

Here is a video of Jasmine chasing her tail. She did this for hours while we were trying to sleep last night. She honestly can go for 20-30 minutes of straight tail chasing.

Finally, Oreo still isn't entirely sure what to do with Jasmine. She's not at all mean with her - but, she follows here EVERYWHERE. Oreo needs to know where Jasmine is every second. Here is a short clip of them sitting next to each other and Oreo gives her a little "pat" on the head.

All in all, she is acclimating well to her new home. I'm bummed that we have to go back to work tomorrow. (well, one because it's work, and two, I'd really like to be home with her tomorrow.) Because it's the start of the work week - pictures will be a little sparse for a few days.


White Shadow said...

I think you've landed one of the cutest kittens on the planet - she's adorable! Is Oreo a girl cat? It alomost seemed like Oreo was saying in the video clip "Jasmine don't put those Magnetix in your mouth - you could choke on it!" Oreo might think she/he has to play the role of Mommy/Daddy. :)

Sam said...

Adorable. Kittens are so sweet, especially when they are on someone else's head for the night.

Sam said...

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again - that kitten is just so sweet!

Juicy said...

Jasmine is adorable! I love cats and have, ahem, 5 of my own. I love when people seem to be as into their cats as I am. Thank you for sharing your darling new kitty!

(here from NCLM)

Amber said...

OH MY GOSH!!! She is in Kitten heaven... I am so glad. She was definately meant to be your kitty ;). I love it.. and Rich and I are just so stoked that she is so spoiled! She IS rather princessy... she deserves it ;).. what a little doll.

Karla May said...

Holy crap! Give me your address!! I'm coming to kidnap tht keeeeeten.