Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Plunge in the Pool

Oh - I figure you have zero time - but, I'm posting my stupid videos anyway. They are both long (over a minute or two) and should only be watched if you have nothing better to do.

The first one is the kids first dip into the pool today. It's only 80 degrees and the pool is REALLY REALLY cold.

The second one is me and the kids. I absolutely CANNOT believe that I'm posting a video of myself in a fucking bathing suit. But, whatever. It must be the article in Oprah's magazine this month about loving ourselves... Blah blah blah... And I look a hell of a lot better than I did last summer (at least I'm 20 pounds lighter).


Katt said...

Looks so fun! And way to go posting vid's of yourself! You go girl!

Cece said...

Kids don't care about the pool temp - swimming is FUN! But you are a tough chick to get in there!

Sam said...

Damn that looks cold. Way to go not totally losing your top at the end of the second video! I don't think I am as brave as you all are. Hope you enjoy it this summer.