Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday...

This is sort of a boring update - I can't be witty and charming everyday. Oh, or at all I guess. *LAUGH*

Today was a typical Monday... I had a thousand meetings... Running from place to place... Holding my pee until I saw yellow (because I didn't have time to go, yo.) But, it wasn't a horrible day - just really busy. Productive as well - which is always good for the psyche. (I got one of the three presentations done that I've been working on forever. Woot!)

This is the week of baton. Prissy had a lesson tonight, she has a team make up practice tomorrow, her regular team practice on Wednesday, and a baton camp on Thursday and Friday, then Regionals (for the Western United States) this weekend. She'll be competing against her biggest challenger - we'll call her BATONGIRL. Prissy and BATONGIRL are often neck in neck. Last year, BATONGIRL won 1st place and only beat her by 10 points in both states and regionals. And this year BATONGIRL beat her by 10 points at states. However, the rest of the season, Prissy has been beating her by 30-50 points (the other girls of the same age are 100+ points behind Prissy and BATONGIRL.) BATONGIRL won a 1st place in Nationals in one event and 2nd place in a different event. So, beating her is a really amazing thing. I hope that Prissy beats her - and if not - oh well. It'd just be really cool for her - I think that it might be a really big confidence booster for Prissy before going to Nationals. BATONGIRL will also be at this baton camp and the girls are friends - which is always nice to have some friendly competition.

On a kitty update. Oreo (btw - is a girl cat) and Jasmine are becoming fast friends. They are playing with each other now. No more hissing or growling. Oreo is still soft smacking her in the head occasionally - but it's clearly playing and not being pissed - no claws no pain. Oreo still follows her everywhere, but occasionally runs past her to get Jasmine to follow her back. I was a little worried on Saturday - but not anymore. Oreo will be Jasmine's protector and big sister (that will torture her just a little. Just like a real big sister.) They were laying next to each other a little while ago. As far as Pookie (our scaredy cat) - I'm not sure she even knows we have another cat in the house. She's just thrilled we have kitten food (which is her FAVORITE.)

Sorry for the long post, it's just been a decent day.

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Sam said...

When I got Dude my ex-husband's cat was living with us. She was on diet cat food and Dude MACKED on that shit. He loved it and had no interest in kitten food ever again. He is a weird cat.