Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Kitty Has Arrived

We picked up the kitty this afternoon and brought her home. Her owners sent her with some kitten food, a bed, a towel that smells like like home and some toys the kitty likes playing with. It was really really nice. The kitten is absolutely adorable.

The kitty slept on the way home. And was ready to explore as soon as we walked in the door. She's been all over one room, and then got exhausted and fell asleep behind some furniture. Oreo is a bit pissed off, but doing okay. She's watching the kitten's every move.

When the kitten walked over to her, Oreo smacked her on the head and hissed. The kitten just sort of walked away. The kitten is still sort of freaked out (big massive changes for her today) and Oreo is freaked out. But, I think in a few days they will be good friends (or at least good playmates.)

I'm not sure that Badger fits her. We also came up with Jasmine. Her owner had said she was quite the Princess - and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is what Bubba came up with. It's kinda cute. We still need to give it a few days.

May 026

The kitten checks out the scratching board:

May 021

Then Oreo has to check it out:

May 022

May 023

And how cute is this?

May 024


Turtle said...

I would have never thought of Jasmine, but I'm betting you'll find it fits. It's a beautiful name and she is a beautiful kitten!

shawna said...

She is adorable and the name Jasmine is precious.