Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nothing Important

I have absolutely nothing important to blog about tonight. So, again - a bit of random crap. Prissy had baton practice tonight for her team. All the girls have a little bit of summer fever and they'd rather not be practicing. However, Nationals is in two weeks - and they really need to practice.

The smoke from the wildfires is crazy here. The fires are far enough away that we aren't being asked to evacuate - but it's close enough where the kids can't go outside because it's so smoky and burny and blechy. I'm really getting quite tired of it. I wish that Northern California would stop burning to the ground.

Bubba tripped today and fell while he was at his day summer camp. Apparently, he fell backwards and hit the back of his head hard on a table. They gave him ice, but bumps on the head always sort of freak me out. He's fine - but dang it!

I'm feeling incredibly unmotivated. Not just for work - but for everything. Even this blog entry is difficult. I'm not even going to study for my PHP class tonight. I just can't get up the gumption. However, I did buy a shitload of rhinestones for Prissy's national's costume this evening - real rhinestones are freaking EXPENSIVE! I spent almost $150 on rhinestones which I'm not even sure will be enough for Prissy's costume. Sheesh!

Work is depressing.

Bubba makes me laugh.

I'll leave you with this - just because I'm cool like that (and because I feel like if you've come to visit me, I should at least give you a picture or something.)

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