Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TMI - Lucky Number 16

For those of you I work with - this post may be TMI. So, you may just want to skip it tonight?

This past weekend I bought myself some new undies. I have needed them for awhile. But, these are wonderful and comfortable. Talk about pampering myself! I got them on Sunday afternoon after the laundry was finished - and I really really wanted to wear them on my trip, so I just decided they'd be fine to wear before I washed them. They were in a package and all - so I figured it'd be fine.

So, I got these nice boy-shorts that don't show a panty-line. And I thought it would be great because I dressed up for the conference (usually I wear jeans). They are SUPER DUPER comfortable. I choose not to wear thongs because I'm just totally icked out and can't do a string up my butt. So, pantyline be damned! Anyway - the boy-shorts are a perfect option and I was thrilled to get a few pairs.

Anyway, I was at the conference and I went to the bathroom, wiped and what do you know - a little tiny square appeared with the number 16 on it. Sixteen?

That little number caused ALL SORTS of questions to go through my head... Only sixteen? Sixteen out of how many? How did they know? Who was the judge? Sixteen?

Even after I got home I didn't know if I should be upset or flattered. And then, my wipe yesterday with the new undies clearly said 8. Guess I'm just getting better and better!

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Anonymous said...

It was like a car wreck. I had to read it. And yes - TMI!!!!