Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exhausted and Home

We are home - finally.

Man, what a long weekend. Prissy did awesome. She brought home a first place trophy for Intermediate Solo. She also came in 2nd on Regional Solo (advanced solo - it's different) and advanced to the divisional juvenile solo event. She came in 5th - which is all the juveniles that had come in first or second in their age for regional solos. So - 5th was absolutely amazing. Yay Prissy.

We're really tired. I took lots of pictures. I'll post them - maybe. But, not tonight. Tonight I want to go to bed. I have so much stuff to do - being away for the weekend really puts a dent in the working mom's "errand" time. If I could - I would totally take tomorrow off just to catch up.

Sorry for the short post. But, YAY PRISSY! (oh and Jasmine is totally hiding from Prissy and I - she disappeared when we opened the garage door and we haven't seen her at all.)

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